What’s up, Superare Crew?

Hope you guys are managing to stay cool in this heat (it feels cliche to talk to you guys about the weather but seriously, it’s impossible to not talk about how scorching it’s been lately). We’ve had a pretty exciting couple of weeks here at HQ and wanted to first and foremost thank you all for making it happen. It started last week with our BJ Penn signing at our New York location. BJ is a legend in martial arts and having him come by the store in any capacity would have been awesome. That so many of you showed up to show your support and make him feel welcome is even cooler.

Have any of our Muay Thai-inclined friends ever tried Yokkao gear? It’s one of the top brands in the sport and we happen to have just received a pretty massive shipment. There’s so much cool stuff in both our New York and Los Angeles locations now - we’re talking boxing gloves, shin guards, shorts, the whole nine yards. Yokkao gloves are particularly killer but we’ve got a feeling it’s their shorts that are going to sell out first (so if you want a pair, get on it!). So many cool designs - given the heat, maybe their crazy awesome Yeti pair will be the key to staying chill through your next heavy bag session.

We also just got new shipments of Winning boxing gloves in at both our New York and L.A locations. We probably get more questions about these than any other product, so consider this your heads up: yes, we have them - for now. Remember, we’re one of the only stores in the world that stocks these gems so unless you’re okay with waiting at LEAST 150 days for a custom pair, swing by the store and we’ll get you all set.

Did anybody catch UFC Fight Night this past weekend? Man, that Justin Gaethje is something else. It was great to see him get back in the W column with a knockout for the ages. That it happened in a fight in which at no point did we fear for his life was a nice bonus. What about Johnson/Fili? That’s quite the split decision - we’re very curious to hear how you guys felt about it. Who’d you have taking the win when the last round ended? The whole card felt like a great kickoff to what’s shaping up to be a great Fall in the fight game. Woodley/Till Conor/Khabib, Canelo/GGG 2, and the annual Madison Square Garden card are just around the corner. It’s gonna be a crazy couple of months in the fight game and we can’t wait to see what happens.

Lastly, our owner Dylan was interviewed by the good folks at Puncher Media recently. If you’ve ever wondered what Superare is all about, check it out - well, check it out either way. We may be biased but it’s a great interview.

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Hang in there this week, guys! Labor Day is gonna be here before you know it.

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