Hey Superare Crew!

Good news for all you Muay Thai kids in Los Angeles - we just got a shipment of some of the best gear in the world at the store. That’s right, L.A just got hit with a metric ton of Yokkao equipment! We’ve got shorts - and oh man, they’ve got some crazy cool designs. We’ve got gloves (also in cool designs, honestly). Everything you need to get good and ready for Muay Thai training, Yokkao has. Swing by the Los Angeles location and get suited up. We’re partial to the Monster-themed gear but there’s plenty of options.

And fear not, New York friends - our NYC location got a Yokkao shipment last week. If you’re hungry for some great new Muay Thai gear, hit us up. We’ve got you covered.

All of this is available right here online as well if you can't make it down to try in person!

And if Muay Thai isn’t your game, don’t worry. Superare has you covered for all your jiu jitsu, striking, boxing, and MMA needs. Come visit us in New York or Los Angeles. We’ll get you taken care of.

Have a great one, guys!

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