Where to begin??....for the last 2 years we have been trying to figure out how to open a store in Los Angeles and through a handful of blown opportunities, deals that fell through, name changes, and all the seemingly never ending work that had to be done to make sure we were offering the best product we could.... it finally happened!  

 Superare Fight Goods - Los Angeles is now a real thing you can visit and enjoy and now that the opening weekend has passed we have two words to say to you guys.....THANK YOU!    The response from the local fight community in LA has been nothing short of overwhelming making us feel so welcomed and happy we put up with all the bad to experience the good!

The shop came out great too if I do say so myself!  A lot of careful thought and consideration went into making sure the experience is as good as can be and we intend on only getting better with age.  Being located right on Melrose Ave has been fun as well since if you know the area it certainly has a lot of character and a pulse that is hard to find elsewhere.  

The expansion from Superare means big things to come for not just LA but NYC and the brand as a whole.  We can now offer more products in our own line which you will see right away. From more gear options and deeper stock to products we previously couldn't carry..exciting new products are coming!  More boxing gloves, more jiu jitsu gi's, more muay thai gear..everything you guys need!

Exciting times to be a friend of Superare and we hope you'll visit your local shop soon to see what's new and to say hi!

Superare Los Angeles is located at:  7306 Melrose Ave Los Angleles, CA 90046

- Zach, President