After a 6 month hiatus, our most popular line of gear in the whole shop, the "One Series" from us here at Superare is back and even better than before!

What makes the One Series our most popular and sought after gear?  It's pretty simple really...they're designed to be!  That sounds like a canned answer but it's true.  After selling gloves for years and seeing a ton of great and not so great products and listening to our customers wants and needs when it came time to make our own gear we had already done all the work, even if we didn't know it yet!

What are some hallmarks of great fight gloves?

  • Knuckle protection:  We use high-end injection molding for the heaviest of hitters
  • Wrist support: We built in a system that makes it impossible for your wrist to flex backward which causes the most injuries.
  • Comfort: We made it so the inside compartment of the glove has room but still fits a bit compact to make the most natural fist and not feel like you have cinder blocks on your hands.
  • Construction:  On this batch, we used top grain Buffalo leather normally found on gloves 2x or more expensive.


Yup, the idea was simple...Professional quality for an affordable price.

Package that with the shins ($79.95) and a pair of wraps for just $149.95 in store and you have the best kickboxing sparring package out there pound for pound.

Visit Superare in store in Los Angeles, NYC, and Long Island to try these and all our Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA striking gear in person to make sure you're getting exactly what you need.

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