Recently we released the first portion of our new special edition gloves, the "Sterlings" and the response has been overwhelming!  People seem genuinely excited about not only training but what they're training with and it makes us feel awesome!  On the heels of the Sterlings we have 3 other special edition colors coming out and a reissue of our popular "Dukes" gloves since those weren't around when we had the Los Angeles location and wanted to give our customers there a chance to grab them!

On the way we have the remainder of the sterlings pictured here:

Superare Sterlings 

The OG lace ups (only 60 made for this batch)

Superare OG lace ups

The "Showtime" gloves a tribute to LA  (also will be available in a small amount of lace up 16oz)

Superare showtime gloves

The One Series Gloves in Navy/Red (matching shin guards on the way as well)

Superare One Series gloves Navy/Red

Also the reissue of the popular dukes coming back!

superare dukes

All these boxing gloves are made from top quality leather and ready to be used and used hard!

You can preorder these NOW online here at or in store at our fight shop locations in New York City, Los Angeles or Long Island!

These should be ready to ship/pick up in the second week of July.

Visit Superare Fight Shop today for all the boxing gear, muay thai, mma or striking needs in general