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We think it’s kinda funny how if you ask anybody who practices a martial art or combat sport what made them want to give it a shot, there’s a good chance the answer lies not in sports but in pop culture, in movies and video games and comic books. Street Fighter, the Karate Kid, Rocky, properties like these are responsible for inspiring entire generations of kids to put on a pair of gloves or give martial arts a shot. As such, we love brands like Bangarang and American Classic that take advantage of the intersect between those worlds.

They make shirts and gear that mesh our love of combat sports and our love of pop culture in clever, creative ways. It’s no wonder they’re so popular with our customers. So it’s no surprise that the new shipment of shirts from both brands we just got in are, well, extremely rad. We’re sto stoked about these. From a slick Cobra Kai shirt to some killer new designs from Bangarang, our NY and LA locations are now fully stocked with new gear from both brands.

If pop culture isn’t your jam, fear not. Bangarang has some fight-centric designs that are sure to do it for you. They look good in and out of the gym so you really can’t go wrong. Come through and try some on. We’d love to get you fitted in some killer new Bangarang and American Classic gear.

Superare always bringing the best clothing for fans of boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu and more!

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Bangarang Reaper Hands Tee

Bangarang Brick Throwers Tee

Macho man Cream of Crop tee

Street fighter shirt

Cobra Kai Shirt

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