What’s up, Superare Crew?

Look, we probably don’t need to give any introduction to Fairtex. If you’ve done time in a fight gym you know what’s up. Top of the line Muay Thai gear, made in Thailand, real leather, you know the deal. If you’ve ever wanted to get fitted with your own supply of Fairtex gear, now’s the time. Our NY and LA fight shops just got hit with fresh shipments of brand-new Fairtex gear. We’ve got your standbys like gloves, focus mitts, and shinguards but it doesn’t stop there. This time around we’ve also got those crazy pretty Glory/Fairtex gloves you’ve seen your favorite Glory kickboxers throw hands in on fight night. On top of that, we’ve got the Fairtex/Ludwig collaboration gloves. We’ve got a feeling those will go fast so if you’re interested, hop on it while you still can.

Hope to see you guys at the stores or online soon. We’d love to get you hooked up with some new Fairtex fight gear - or any other fight needs you may have.

Try Fairtex at the Lower East Side, Melrose Ave, or Long Island fight shops today!

Until next time,