Jiu-Jitsu is fun...it's a lot of work and the hours add up to see progress but we do it because we love it and want to have fun with it...we now present you the most fun compression set ever offered in BJJ!

When Bangarang sets out to do something, they do it big and this set is no different!  Now you'll be rolling on the floor (very literally) and laughing while keeping germs and sweat off your body.  This compression set isn't for everyone though...you will need to process a certain amount of swag and confidence to pull these off but the pay off will be both hilarity and jealousy from your peers and training partners.  Hell, you can ever go full Danaher and start wearing this wherever you go...the bank, weddings, court dates, the options are endless.

We have the ROFL Spats set available at both Superare Fight Shop New York City as well as our Melrose Ave location in Los Angeles where you can try and compare a ton of different Jiu Jitsu gear and apparel options.  Superare is a must-stop for all grappling both Gi and No-Gi in New York and Los Angeles!

Which meme is your favorite?